Nigerians Awake: Birthright: Worth more than a plate of pottage

'Stomach Infastructure'. Stop selling your birthright for a plate of pottage.

Incidentally, battles have been lost,Nations have been destroyed,Kingdoms have ceased to exist and generations after have been affected by “few moments of pleasure”.

I love bible stories found in the Old Testament of the good book. One of the stories that resonate will have to be that of the quarrelsome twins, Esau and Jacob.

From Rebecca’s womb, “ two nations were at war “ and after they were born, sibling rivalry got a facelift.

Esau was a great hunter  (and cook), one day he came home after a hard day’s work and said he was so hungry that “he could die”, so he wanted some of Jacob’s pottage. Jacob would give him, if he gave up his birthright. His birthright: the very essence of his existence.

Esau was willing to sell his birthright for a plate of pottage. He was willing to sacrifice his future for a few minutes of pleasure.

Incidentally, battles have been lost for ‘a few moments of pleasure “, Nations have been destroyed for “ a few moments of pleasure “ (plate of pottage). Kingdoms have ceased to exist and generations after have been affected by “few moments of pleasure”.

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Rome was not built in a day, but it was a dominating empire for almost 500 years. The world revolved around the Roman Empire. The Architecture, the governance, military might; they were the best! Theories will argue that one of the reasons that engineered the fall of this great empire had to be their sexuality and sexual preferences. History tells us that everything was permissible in this old empire.

They had law that inhibited sexual practices with kids less than 12 years, but this was not applicable to slaves. Homosexuality, bestiality, incest (remember the biblical story of Herod’s sister) were common activities here.  The Roman Empire gave “ 50 shades of grey” a new look. The festivals in honor of “god of fertility”, meant sexual orgies and swinging (trading sexual partners “ was legal.

With the aid of “stimulating drinks” they will dance themselves into ecstasy and copulate with whom ever was available at the point of ecstasy. This is an example of a kingdom that a “few minutes of pleasure” contributed to bringing down.

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The story of joseph as a slave in Egypt is so famous that Disney made a movie out of it! He was sold into slavery by his own brothers and became the servant of Potiphar. His wife might have been a Cougar and she made advances, Joseph was not willing to sell his birthright for a few moments of pleasure.

If he had consented to her advances he will have sat with kings. His refusal “to sell his birthright for a plate of pottage” sent him to prison for a long time, but when he was released even Potiphar and his wife had to submit to him.



King David saw her and wanted her; as the king that he was, he had her. Another man’s wife, and She got pregnant. He tried to pin the pregnancy on Bathsheba’s husband but it didn’t work. So he arranged for him to be killed at war. The rest of David’s life was riddled with family fights that ended up getting bloody. Just for a plate of pottage, for a moment of pleasure.

Esau didn’t think of the future. He was only interested in immediate satisfaction.


Is that not what happens when we accept gifts bought with the people’s money for the people, in other to get their votes. I have heard stories of how people ate bread, tea and fried egg to vote for a party.! Someone said, “ The people are hungry “. The question is was Esau so hungry that he had to sell his birthright for a plate of pottage?  (Remember he told his brother “what use is a birthright if I die of hunger “).

It was not hunger it was lack of foresight. ESAU THOUGHT HE WAS HUNGRY, BUT HE WAS SHORTSIGHTED. When we vote for people based on some money that was distributed, then we must understand that the elected paid four years rent and it is illegal for a landlord to throw his tenant out when his rent is still valid.


We are close to another major election. Social Media is revealing all sorts of vices that politicians will be making use of. Mind you, politicians all over the world make efforts to get votes, but we must allow people make their own choices. And I hope that you will choose right by your country. Not by compulsion or coercion; stop selling your birthright for a plate of pottage. gud to talk

Written by Bo Adesoye.

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